Corps Stories Special Assignment: Gravity of LCpl. Lance Graham

Special Assignment: 

The Gravity of LCpl. Lance Graham

June 2014


One Marine can make a profoundly positive difference.
A difference in the lives of those who loved him. A difference in the quality of the time they shared together.
A difference in their time without him. LCpl. Lance Tanner Graham was one such Marine.

Before he was killed in what history will recall as one of the bravest Marine battles in Operation Iraqi Freedom III,

Lance Graham brought a presence to 3rd Battalion 25th Marine’s Mobile Assault Platoon 7.

A presence of security and humor and most notably, quiet compassion.


Graham’s pull on the hearts of some of those closest to him when he died is best understood by the details of the
May 7, 2005
Haditha Hospital Ambush
and an earlier land mine explosion.


Those family members and Marines who gathered from across the US map to tell about Graham are profiled here.


Photos of Graham’s loved ones including their gathering for this special assignment.


by Meriwether Ball, Editor