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Unexpected Mentor Praises CorpsStories Marine Mrs. Mary Kate Bailey

By Col. Robert Abblitt  (July 2005)


Editors note: Col. Abblitt wrote this not as an edit but as a Letter to the Editor. I felt it important CorpsStories readers understand the impact Mrs. Bailey has had on the Marines around her.  MB

What a wonderful story.

This one really hit me hard and was rather difficult for me.  It stirred emotions about my own family and about my father who passed away much too early on in the life of the youngest of five sons who held up his father as his personal hero………

This story of Mrs. Mary Kate Bailey is special and caused me to really pause.  It is moving and inspiring.  I would want of my own daughters to be a combination of their Mom and Mary Kate.

To me, this is a whole story.  One that speaks of: “her mother’s unconditional love for the family; a mother’s courage in the face of adversity; a family’s commitment to each other; a husband’s service in Vietnam and his sacrifice to country; a father’s example of Faith and worship that inspired his family; a young lady’s adoration and respect towards her parents and her brothers; a young woman’s quest for excellence that was measured in a tenacious and uncompromising dedication to completing each and every task in a worthy manner; a young Marine Captain who possessed the passion to lead others in our great Corps; an officer of such high moral conviction that she would sacrificially subordinate her professional military success for the greater good of her own family; a dedicated wife and life-partner to her husband James; a loving and nurturing mother to her daughter.

Yes, this was and is a special story that I am so grateful to have been able to read.  In my mind, Mrs Bailey was and remains a shining star to our Corps and to me.  She most certainly stands tall as a role model for the youth of today and of tomorrow.

I quite sincerely believe, that I have received far more of the good Lord’s blessings in working with Mrs Bailey than the reverse.

I was humbled by her statement and honored that I would even remotely come close to being held up as a mentor.  I just had no idea.  I am not certain that I am worthy of that standing and to receive this type of compliment from this high caliber of a person is a level of praise that exceeds any medal the Marine Corps could every hang on my uniform.

I do know that I remain blessed in where the Lord placed me and the Lord richly blessed me with Mrs Bailey.

Thank you Meriwether for writing this story.  I know it will inspire so many people out there to include my daughters when it gets posted.  God Bless you and your work.


Col Abblitt