Cpl. John Tanner
(reprinted from, September 1, 2007)

“It’s still kind of a shock, and I just want my boy home.”

The “boy” Melanie Tanner is referring to…is the youngster who grew into a responsible man…a marine, serving his country in Iraq.

It was there Corporal John C. Tanner was killed Wednesday during a roadside bomb explosion.

Tanner says she can’t help but think about the baby she refers to as Corey…the fun-loving prankster of the family.

“He was very mischevious, always into trouble, but very, he was a sweetheart,” says Tanner.

“He liked to get into trouble, he liked to get us into a lot of trouble,” says John’s older brother Henry Tanner.

That passion turned into a personal calling to serve. Tanner says that after 9-11, her son knew what he wanted to do.

“He said that one, he wanted to get back at ’em, and two, he wanted to keep them from doing it again.”

And Henry says it was that same spirit of determination that kept his brother going in Iraq.

“Every time that we talked, he told me that he loved his job.”

A job John Tanner lost his life fulfilling. But, for this family…it’s not in vain. The 21-year-old solider’s wife is expecting the couple’s first child next month. And it’s through this baby, Melanie Tanner says she’ll remember her own.

“I don’t know if we’ll ever be able to tell him how good his dad was, but I want to try.”