LCpl. Hilario Lopez

(reprinted from the Corpus Christi Caller, December 20, 2004)
Letter to the Editor: Marine to Marine

On Dec. 20, I attended the funeral of Hilario Lopez, a U.S. Marine from Ingleside who was killed in Iraq. I did not know this Marine personally but I feel that I did know him because he was a Marine as I was for 20-plus years.

I was one of the 300-plus persons who attended the rosary the night before in his honor. There were many glassy eyes in the crowd as family and friends uttered words of remembrance.

I know there are many Inglesides throughout this wonderful country of ours payinglast respects to fallen comrades, but Ingleside takes the honors for demonstrating all their support and patriotism for our fallen heroes. I would like to extend accolades to members of the clergy, law enforcement and city officials, and in general, all the Ingleside citizens as well as visitors from the surrounding areas for a very well orchestrated sendoff for Hilario Lopez.

Hilario Lopez, you will be dearly missed by family and friends, but you left wonderful memories to reach for when not feeling well. Remembering you will bring a smile and a feeling of good will. You are safe in the arms of our Lord. You have been blessed, for you have come home.

Hilario Lopez, heaven’s scenes are safe for the streets are guarded by U.S. Marines. As said in the last stanza of our Marine Hymn, Semper Fidelis (Always Faithful).


(U.S. Marine, ret.)