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With Gratitude, Meriwether Ball, Editor

“God bless you for your selfless, unstinting efforts relative to getting the written word out telling the stories my younger, braver brothers. These last four years have been very taxing and painful; I admire your conviction, compassion, and courage in continuing to stand in the very face of it. Yes, Meriwether, it takes a lot of fortitude and stamina to document and recount these very sad tales of adversity of the most horrific kind; Remember: chin down, hands up, shuffle-skip forward, keep punching!!!!!! Semper Fi,”
LtCol. Bruce Kelly, USMC (Ret.), April 2007

It’s marvelous! You should issue a notice about the need for tissue, though. Thank you for the website.
Former Marine William Holmes, January 2007

I ventured here via another website and reluctant as I am to bookmark anything, I bookmarked this page.  May God bless you and your work and may He give you and your readers their heart’s desires.
Bob Law, Sergeant of Marines 1977-1987, July 2006

I just read an interesting article about Ms Ball and her efforts in the Virginia Pilot this Memorial Day. Congratulations and Thank you for a wonderful job. Although never a Marine ( I was Air Force during the Viet Nam era and lost several friends there). Keep up the good work
Bill Moore, Virginia Beach, VA, May 2006

“Corps Stories is Terrific and the new Enzine [Leatherneck Magazine’s new edition] I just received is Quality as well!
Forever Faithful,  the ‘Baby Blue’, Semper Fi.”

Mark Gregory Heineman, Coronado, California, February 2006

“Sir, I am a former Royal Marine  served from 1957 to 1968 and did serve for a short while alongside US Marines on board the 6th Fleet Command ship USS Mount Mckinlay off North Africa .I met a bunch of US Marines in Malta GC in 1961 whilst in 40 Commando Royal Marines  and am still in touch with one of them ,that say’s it all that the bond between  Marines is strong and will never be broken no matter from what country you come from.My heart go’s out to the fallen Warriors and their kinfolk but one thing is for sure “They will be guarding the Gates of Heaven” Regards, Aye. Rod.
Rodney Spinks, February 2006

“I am Gunnery Sgt. Robert Knoll and I authored a piece on SgtMaj. Michael Curtin featured on your website. I just wanted to say that your site does a wonderful job of honoring those who have made the ultimate sacrifice and I am honored to be a part of that. Since writing that piece, I have deployed to Iraq twice, in addition to providing assistance in Indonesia during Operation Unified Assistance. Be proud of what today�s service members are doing for this world of ours. Thanks and Semper Fidelis.
GySgt. Robert Knoll, author of “Cops Say Goodbye to a Hero and a Friend,” December 2005

“I am not a former Marine but a 16 year old. My father, however is as well as one of my teachers, Mr. Robert Odiorne. I support all of you 100% and I hope that everyone in Iraq is doing okay. My heart goes out to all of the families that have lost a family member. I appreciate what they died for. With out these men where would we be today. Your site is wonderful and I am so glad that it is here for people to come visit. All of the pictures touched my heart and it killed me to see all of the young children that will never really get to be with their dads or moms or any other relative. Thank you to the soldiers risking their lives and to those who created this site. “
Big USMC supporter, Danika Craig, December 2005

“Thank You for listing my son’s story on your site. He was very proud of what he was doing, and his mother and I was proud of the man he became. To the Marines I served with and I look forward to service with.  “Semper Fi” and thank you from a father of a MARINE!”
CW4 James L. Seymour, father of fallen Marine LCpl. Devon Seymour, August 2005

“I am a Marine stationed at Parris Island. I write for the base newspaper here. I think it’s awesome that you put these stories out there for people to read, for free without any membership fees. I think it’s important to honor the men and women who are serving in harm’s way. It allows family members to hear the story from the eyes and ears of the Marines, not a sensationalist reporter. Thanks again and keep up the good work”
Cpl. Jennifer Brofer, Media Chief, MCRD Parris Island, July 2005

“I am a former Marine and I would like to say thank you for your wonderful website, and thank you for honoring our fallen brothers and sisters. It brings tears to my eyes seeing the names of our brave warriors that have given their all for us, but it is good to see them honored. Again, a heartfelt THANK YOU!! Semper Fidelis!”
Former Marine Cpl. Shane Wheeler (USMC ’90-’94), June 2005

“Semper Fi! Outstanding website! Thank you so much for remembering all those young men and women! We are truly blessed to have the Corps still strong and proud!”
Teresa Carpenter, Former SSGT USMC, February 2005

“Ron Tucker ( sent us your web site and I have to say it is really great.  I went in to check my e-mails and went to your site and started reading and was almost late for work.    You should be really proud of what you have done for our family the Marines….. Semper Fi  Once again Thank You and I thank you form the Yellow Foot Prints Detachment of the Marine Corps League and I will also pass your web site to our Chapter of WMA.  Thank You again,”
Former Marine Donna Garcia, Women Marines Association, February 2005

“I’m an ‘old’ Marine and the father of a younger one. Outstanding website.”
Former Sgt. of Marines , Dick Stroup Greenwood,SC, February 2005

“This is a much needed website. Thanks for the names, thanks for the stories.
John Horton USMC, Viet Nam 69-70, February 2005

“As the parent of a US Marine, I really appreciate your site.
Mike Swift, January 2005

“Your website is quite outstanding, you should be proud. Semper Fi”
Tom Balfe USMC Vietnam 67-69, November 2004

“I graduated from high school with Elia and every day for the last month since his death have thought about him, his wife, son, parents, twin sister… He was well-liked by his peers at school,  his smile just lit up a room. Thank you for honoring the memory of these Marines.”
Marie Bentley-Rosado, friend of fallen Marine GySgt. Elia Fontecchio, August 2004.

“I just want you to know how much it means to my family and I that there ARE people out there who do care.  Once again thank you for a wonderful website.”
Sharon Bowling, mother of fallen Marine LCpl. Juston T. Thacker, August 2004.

“My daughter has a project called “Operation Homefront Quilts”. We are sending a handmade memorial quilt to every family of a U.S. service member killed in Iraq and Afghanistan. We research all the military websites, such as yours, devoted to the fallen to find out information about the family before we make a quilt or choose one from what others have made. So far, we have sent quilts to 575 families but have sent a lot more quilts than that as we send patriotic baby quilts if we find out they have children two or under. We thank you for providing this website. It helps us to get to know them and we are struck by what fine young people are dedicated to defending us for which we are very grateful. Respectfully,”
Joanne M. Porter, Operation Homefront Quilts, August 2004.

“This is a very touching and well put together site.”
SSgt. Fred D. Brock, USMC, August 2004.

“Websites like yours and many others makes all the pain go away.  When you loose somebody close like a brother, the only thing that is left are memories of him and people who knew him.  That is why we came to the US from Poland, because we knew that the people of this country care and those fallen heroes will never be forgotten.  Terrorism is the worst organization in the world, US can never stop fighting terrorists and those who are connected to them.”
Paul Kowalik, brother of LCpl. Jacub Kowalik who was killed in Iraq on May 12, 2003.

“May the Good Lord guide you in your mission to bring us these fine stories and lasting tributes, and may He watch over our sons and daughters, husbands and wives, who watch over us and protect us from harm’s way.”
Richard J. Burrill Sr., Leathernecks Motorcycle Club International Recruiter

“I applaud you for what you are doing for our Marines, their families, and the many people who will learn more about the Corps through your stories. You are to be commended for your dedication, initiative, and compassion. Your stories are uplifting, thought provoking, and entertaining. Please keep up the great work. Well done!
Ron Tucker, President Sandbar Productions LLC, Good-To-Go-Video. January 2004

“Very well done and I know that this will be the beginning of something that will provide healing.”
Col. R.J.Abblitt, Command Inspector, MCCDC/MCB Quantico, on CorpsStories Christmas 2003 Editorial. December 2003

“As always, fine job.”
Sgt. Maj. Tim Williams, USMCR (Ret.) on CorpsStories Christmas 2003 Editorial. December 2003

“Hi, my name is Janisa Hooks,  I am the oldest sister to Michael Vann Johnson Jr., who was killed in action in Iraq on March 25, 2003. I would like to take this time to thank you for setting up a page regarding my brother. I loved him very much, we all did and he will be missed. He died for our country and that in itself is an honor. Once again, thank you.”
Janisa Hooks. August 2003

“You’ve done a great job. Keep it up and Thanks!”
SSgt. Thomas Ryan, USMC, on the In Memoriam page. May 2003

“It is a wonderful article and it does all Marines proud.”
Sgt. Maj. Tim Williams, USMCR (Ret.) on the Worcester Telegram piece on CorpsStories. May 2003

“What a fine person you are, what a good American.”
Maj. Gene Duncan, USMC (Ret.). May 2003

“Thanks again for creating and maintaining the website. I will be passing it on to all of my former Marine buddies, and some former Air Force, Army & Navy  buddies as well.”
Bill Porter, former Captain, USMC/USMCR, tanker. April 2003

“Keep up the great work! You should be very proud of the service you’re providing with this web site.”
Eric Hurwitz, 94th Public Affairs Office, Devens Massachusetts. April 2003

“Thank you for a wonderful site. It is a true service to our Corps and our country.”
Glenn B. Knight (former Marine sergeant), Beverly D. Knight (former Marine Corporal), Marianne L. Knight (Marine sergeant). March 2003

“May the Lord enable you to fulfill your dream concerning the motive and desire of the CorpsStories.”
Dr. H.T. Spence, President, Foundations Bible College and Seminary. March 2003

“It’s a good thing you are doing but wrenching. Every death is difficult.”
George Barnes, Columnist, Worcester Massachusetts Telegram and Gazette. March 2003

[The Cozine interview] is our cover story of our Monday Neighbors section. I’m sure our readers will appreciate your efforts.”
Jim McCarthy, Editor, Brunswick Maine Times Record. November 2002

“Outstanding! Thanks for introducing this great and dedicated Marine to so many readers.”
Capt. Thomas Moore, USMC (Ret.) on the story about Tom Nerney. August 2002