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President George W. Bush:   Huge Heart for Marines

CorpsStories Editorial

January 16, 2009

(Haraz N. Ghanbari / Associated Press / December 9, 2008)

President Bush kisses Marine Corps Lance Cpl. Marc E. Olson, right, of Coal City, Ill., after talking to Marine Corps Lance Cpl. Patrick Paul Pittman Jr., left, of Savannah, Ga., on the South Lawn of the White House in Washington. Olson and Pittman were injured when a suicide bomber attacked their entry control point in Ramadi, Iraq. The two were serving with Company A, 2nd Amphibious Assault Battalion attached with the 2nd Batallion, 9th Marines.

A s President George Bush leaves office in the next few days I cannot sit by, even with good reason, without giving him the praise and honor he deserves – in writing and archived.

Throughout his presidency Corps Stories has run a parallel course to his service of our country. He has led and touched and sought out and comforted and raised up and honored Marines. And their loved ones. And their supporters, so his focus on them has surfaced incalculable times for us.

He, in countless news stories and photos, has tried to let the press and public see what we readers and writers of news about Marines see: Marines are not normally ordinary. They are better than, more sacrificing than, more brave than, more willing than, the rest of us.

When he arrived in Baghdad on Thanksgiving 03, I found myself stomping my feet and swinging my fists in the air in unrestrained victory; take that you experts on his intent. Take that you who predicted his arrogance. Take that you who found him insensitive. Take that, you who know not how self-centered you are.

He has honored Marines when his own party told him that politics of war was more important than the victory our troop’s lives deserved. He honored Marines at hospitals wherever his travels took him. He honored families with visits alone with fathers and mothers and children – that the press never reported. He honored families with letters and calls and prayers that newspapers will never have the privilege to print.

Stabbed in the back by former staffers, he dismissed their antics and honored Marines. Not just Marines, but this editor hones in on those, because so few ‘get’ their service. The Wall Street Journal, the LA Times, and a few other commercial reads have noted his focus.

We at CorpsStories though, a small alternative new source, are very grateful to you, Mr. President. Semper Fi, dear Sir.


Meriwether Ball, Editor/CEO