Editorial: Mentoring, Interrupted – LtCol John Monahan


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imgMentoring, Interrupted – LtCol John Monahan

CorpsStories Spring 2004 Editorial

I have a fledgling publication that is completely dependant upon my receiving great mentoring.

And when for instance, one of those mentors seemingly suddenly decides to retire from the Marine Corps to give his family geographical stability – it rocks my professional cage, or cottage actually.

Lt. Col. John Monahan will retire from his post as Inspector Instructor for the 25th Marine Regiment, 4thMarine Division sometime this spring.

I met him the day he arrived at the 25th Marines, nearly three years ago. Despite knowing beforehand that he was going into a press interview, he barked my head off. We’ve been close professional associates ever since.

So now I’ll need to figure out whom to call when I need an interview subject to inspire my readers.

When I want an idea for a positive news story for the local paper.

When I’ve hit a dead-end on an effort to bring another Marine the recognition he deserves.

When I need consolation because some piece of my writing has served more as a boat bumper than a lighthouse.

When I need to be reminded that it matters to fine Marines when I’ve opted for assured integrity rather than the editor’s pleasure.

I’m guessing God feels I’m getting my sea-legs.

All the same John, fair winds and following seas to you, Marcela and your now eight beloved children.