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DavisOlivia.jpg (28455 bytes) Olivia Davis: Local girl donates birthday gifts to Toys for Tots

(Reprinted from, December 3, 2003)

MARINE CORPS LOGISTICS BASE BARSTOW, Calif.(December 3, 2002) -- The annual Marine Corps Reserve Toys For Tots Program got a much-needed shot in the arm recently when it received a donation from a very unique source.

Olivia Davis turned 6 years old Nov. 16, and what makes her different than the average girl her age is that every toy she received as a birthday gift she donated to Toys For Tots.

"How did that happen?" one might think.

Like any child her age, Olivia is at an age where it's "I want, I want," according to Barstow resident Lisa Davis, her mother.

"We had a discussion about that, and I told her that there are many other children out there whose families cannot afford toys for them or ... provide a good meal for them," said Davis.

Olivia wondered what could she do to help and, after discussing it with her mother, decided to donate all the toys she received to Toys For Tots. However, there was one stipulation to her wish; she wanted a Marine to come and pick them up.

Upon hearing of the donation and Olivia's request, MCLB Barstow dispatched Lance Cpl. Danny Perez, its Marine of the Quarter, to make the pick up. When he arrived she presented him with a box of toys saying, "Thank you for coming out and thank you Marine Corps for helping all the children."

Perez praised and thanked Olivia for the donation. Before leaving they hugged each other and then Perez thanked all the party attendees for their continued support of the Marine Corps Reserve Toys For Tots program.

Although locally the program is getting a slow start, Olivia's donation helps give the program a jolt and adds something special to it. Special in that it's donated by a child for other children less fortunate and will make this year's Toys For Tots campaign even more memorable.