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(Reprinted from, August 28, 2007) Keyser attorney Danny Staggers recently received the 'Marines Helping Marines' award for his pro bono work for the Marine Corps League's tax exemption status. Back row: Marine Corps League members Jerry Fay, Jack Severn, Bud Raines. Front row: Ron Short (League Chairman), Staggers, Selina Trenum (legal assistant). Tribune photo by Andrew Arthur Staggers receives Marine award
Members of the Marine Corps League recently awarded Keyser attorney Danny Staggers the 'Marines Helping Marines' award.

The Marine Corps League is a 70,000-member organization assisting Reserve Marines, honorably discharged Marine veterans, Navy FMF (Field Marine Force) Corpsmen and their families.

'It makes life easier for our Marines coming back from the Middle East,' said Marines Helping Marines chairman Ron Short.
The money collected helps Marines and their families in areas such as airfare and hotel stays, as many returning Marines are hospitalized or stationed long distances from their families.

They also offer general 'comfort items,' such as televisions, DVDs, CD players and more.

Staggers drafted a request on behalf of the MCL to become a 501 (c) 3 organization offering tax exemption benefits.'We needed a pro,' Short said, 'and he fit the bill.'

One hundred percent of money for the MHM goes to benefit the soldiers and their families. No one working for the MHM receives a salary or any other compensation.

Staggers' work was pro bono, meaning he received no compensation for his work.He was approached by the Marine Corps League by reference from Arvel 'Bud' Raines, who serves as Jr. Vice Commandant in Cumberland.

'He's (Staggers) set up a lot of the nonprofits in the community,' Raines said.

Staggers said seeking exemption status is tricky work. Dealing with the IRS, every 'i' must be dotted, every 't' crossed.To learn how you can help United States Marines, donations can be mailed to: MHM Hospital Program, P.O. Box 141, Westminster, Md. 21158.

Credit card donations, and more information, can be found at