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Remembering the Silent Memoriams
CorpsStories Christmas 2003 Editorial

Very recently, in the early hours of snowstorm, a fine Marine was laid to rest.

CorpsStories will not be reprinting a hometown news story. There won't be one written to publish, not in the near future anyway.

 But beloved readers please accept, I plead with you to take this Marine, his loved ones and the unknown others like him, deep into your heart, to the top of your prayer list, and keep them there.

 While his brothers last carried his casket, and their white gloved hands folded the colors for his wife, she and those left behind will probably not receive the outpouring of community love they so desperately need, only because so few will know.

 His end undoubtedly came with despair. The enemy took this young, devoted, courageous, sacrificing Marine, and it lingers hoping for another.

 There is not much more in the natural I, or CorpsStories can do for these shattered people and this invisible Marine.

Please let your prayers reach to warm the spirit of those we'll never know - and let us leap into the faith that our Almighty now has that Marine in the unfathomable peace and joy he deserves.

Meriwether Ball, Editor in Chief,

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