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Marine Corps Emblem

Special Asssignment
The Gravity of LCpl. Lance T. Graham
November 10, 2006

Marine Corps Emblem





Iraq, San Antonio, TX and Quantico, VA

Front row: Doc Vang, Cpl Garza on a knee, LCpl Corbin next to him, and LCpl Idiaquez.
2nd row: LCpl Wilfong, LCpl Gonzales behind him, LCpl Henderson, LCpl Rice, Sgt Watkins, Cpl Mayer, Sgt Marzano, Sgt Cepeda, LCpl Graham behind him and then Sgt Pace.
 Standing on the truck: LCpl Hall, Cpl Childress on the hood, and LCpl Kalinowski in the turret

LCpl. Kalinowski and LCpl. Graham, Iraq 2005.

Cpl. Stan Mayer, Iraq 2005

Sgt. Schuller and Cpl. Mayer on C130 headed home. October 2005

Happy Shot: L to R: Cpl. Childress, Cpl. Gonzales, Randall Watkins, Joseph Graham, Cpl. Mayer, Aaron Rice, San Antonio airport, Sept. 2006

Joseph Graham and Aaron Rice, San Antonio, Sept. 2006

L to R: Joseph Graham, Aaron Rice, Ryan Graham, Cpl. Mayer, San Antonio, Sept. 2006

L to R: Cpl. Mayer, Aaron Rice, Sherry Graham, Randall Watkins, Cpl. Joseph Gonzales, San Antonio, Sept. 2006

L to R: Aaron Rice, Joseph Graham, Cpl. Childress, San Antonio, Sept. 2006

Sgt. Schuller and Cpl. Mayer, Quantico, VA, Sept. 2006

Cpl. Mayer drawing diagram of ambush site, San Antonio, Sept. 2006.


"Die Strong" bracelet atop Lance's favorite hat sent back with his belongings, resting on Ryan Graham's motorcycle, October 2006.

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